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The two bedroom apartment is fully furnished and can accommodate up to three adults comfortably.

If you are wish to rent the apartment on a short-term basis, you will see that prices are determined by length of stay and the number of people staying in the apartment.

Since I mainly do short-term rentals, the apartment is often available during many stretches of time each year.

Please refer to the chart below for prices and to the calendar page for availability.

Jim's Barcelona Apartment Terrace Jim's Barcelona Apartment Livingroom
A Shady Spot on the Terrace A View of the Terrace from the Living Room
Jim's Barcelona Apartment Livingroom Jim's Barcelona Apartment Bedroom
The Living Room The Master Bedroom
Jim's Barcelona Apartment Bathroom Jim's Barcelona Apartment Hallway Jim's Barcelona Apartment Kitchen
The Bathroom The Hallway The Kitchen

Length of Stay and Prices (effective August 1, 2013)

Length of stay   Price for 1 Person   Price for 2 People*  
14 nights or less 95 Euros per night + 30 Euros per night
15 nights - 1 month 85 Euros per night + 30 Euros per night
1 - 3 months 1300 Euros per month + 200 Euros per month
More than 3 months negotiable negotiable

*Price for More than 2 People:
30 days or less = + 30 Euros/person/night
   1 - 3 months = + 200 Euros/person/month

Terms and Payment

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking.

  • The balance is due in Euros (cash) upon receipt of keys.

  • A refundable security deposit of $200 is required upon booking.

  • A copy of valid passport ID for each person is required upon booking.

  • Prices as stated, please do not ask for a discount.

  • Minimum 4 night stay (exceptions are possible with 25 Euros more per night).

  • Click here to Convert Your Money.

For more information, you can also send me e-mail at:

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